Mind the Gender Gap

The Current Picture

We have an incredible community of women in blockchain, outstanding and talented women who are paving the way, and we need to attract more women like this to the industry.

It’s important that not only do we attract more women into blockchain, but that we make sure they are compensated properly for their work.

“The overall picture is that gender equality has stalled,” Saadia Zahidi, the WEF’s head of social and economic agendas, said. “The future of our labour market may not be as equal as the trajectory we thought we were on.” *Source.

The WEF found that on average women across the world are paid just 63% of what men earn. There is not a single country where women are paid as much as men.

We need to change this picture and we can do this in a number of ways, but it does require a village – a global village of businesses, investors, and communities working collaboratively together.

The Bigger Pie has a number of initiatives it will be unveiling, including:

  • World Record Female Hackathon: An event designed to attract women of all ages and background to have an experience that introduces them to new possibilities
  • Data: With the right data we can empower more women to succeed. Data on earnings, opportunities, language, attitudes will all help us to correct biases that unfairly work against people, gain strength and credibility and effect change