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How can decentralisation benefit women and marginalised groups?

Updated: Mar 29, 2023


On International Women's Day this year, I was joined on stage with fellow women in Web3 paving the way. It was a jam packed event full of insightful content, talks and panels, organised by the fabulous Lauren Ingram founder of Women of Web3. For those unable to make it, we've pulled together the key takeaways from each session.

This was the panel I was fortunate enough to moderate.

Moderator: Bridget Greenwood


  • Web 3.0 presents opportunities for women to become producers and creators in an emerging market.

  • However, the space is still filled with people who don't have the right intentions or don't understand the technology.

  • Understanding the principles of blockchain, decentralisation, and NFTs is crucial for recognising where the technology is working.

Empowerment and Education

  • Women of Web3 support education and resources for women in the space.

  • Free work was done in Web3, but it's important to get paid.

  • Teaching skills that enable women to become content producers or contractors can help them earn money.

  • Investing in oneself and knowing what skills to sell is essential.

  • The education process is critical to success.

Case Study

  • The Power of Women is a brand that empowers women through artwork.

  • The founder was a set and costume designer before becoming an illustrator and NFT creator.

  • The brand caught the attention of Manchester City, and they partnered to launch the Puma kit inspired by the suffragette movement.

  • Success requires hard work, perseverance, good branding, and consistency.

Balancing Work and Life

  • Web3 is an emerging market that's impossible to keep up with entirely.

  • Don't feel like you need to work 24/7 or keep up with everything.

  • Self-care, meditation, and finding communities that keep your battery full are essential.

What You Can Do Next

  • Businesses should consider having a diverse team.

  • Be a connector and find opportunities for women and underrepresented groups.

  • Stay curious, join communities, and don't let the male dominance in the industry intimidate you.

  • Share your process and learnings with others.


  • Women of Web3 have opportunities for empowerment, education, and success.

  • Education and investing in oneself are crucial for success.

  • Balancing work and life and finding communities that keep your battery full is essential.

  • Businesses should have diverse teams, and individuals should be connectors and share their knowledge.

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