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The Global Crisis Of 2020 Is Catapulting Us Into A New Era In History

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

One where technology and new world thinking come together.

It’s clear we can’t continue with the profit at all costs model, profit over our planet and people. Nor continue to allow decisions that impact us globally to be made by just a handful.

As the shortcomings of past social systems have become obvious and accentuated by our current lockdown state, so too have the technology and tools to construct new systems matured.

Right now, globally we face the tragic loss of lives, of family and friends. The financial loss that too many will not be able to recover from in this current economic environment. An acute spike in mental health issues as the fallout from COVID-19 and lockdown measures continue to expose themselves in unimagined ways.

Laws are being passed now giving more power to the government stripping the public of many freedoms and rights to privacy, that once passed under the guise of a requirement for the short-term current COVID-19 crisis, may never be repealed.

We need to act now, we need to start shaping the world after coronavirus.

We need to consider “the balance of power that will exist, and what it means for human rights and the future of our society. We are at a tipping point and what we decide to do now and allow to be done to us will change everything”Jannah Patchay, Markets Evolution

COVID-19 has shown the world that we are globally connected, that locally our communities bring us strength and that we’re at our best when we all collaborate together for the betterment of humankind and our planet.

It’s time for a new economic DNA.

  • One that we embrace, as sentient beings, our duty to contribute towards the prosperous and healthy unfolding of all life on Earth and to act as caretakers to the well-being of the planetary community and the environment that sustains it.

  • One where we deploy crowd-driven innovation, pool resources, share access, and generate collective intelligence wherever possible, to facilitate participation of all stakeholders in decision-making and ownership.

  • One in which we value access and inclusion for all, balancing genders, social standings, races, backgrounds, and orientations, to create ventures and social systems that are diverse, participatory, and open access.

  • One that we emphasise as circular, sustainable, where business models thrive in chaos and remain dynamic, agile, and fluid by design.

  • One where we prioritise value co-creation over value extraction, and are always opting for non zero-sum ecosystems where all stakeholders benefit from a bigger pie.

“Integration between large corporations and start-ups needs to become more dominant in creating innovation solutions going forward, inclusion and diversity needs a framework that is mandatory across sectors, and we need to be the first to innovate change within our education systems.”Susan Falola

World leaders are emerging and coming together to share their insights into how to build a new world.

“At all times, especially now, we must lead with love. We are being challenged – economically, spiritually and physically. But mostly we are being challenged to think differently.
Our world pre-COVID-19 was not always a happy or fair one. This moment in herstory could turn out to be pivotal if we take this opportunity to #reboot our habits, #rekindle our relationship with nature and #rethink our personal aspirations.” – Richard Foster-Fletcher
“How do we go about effecting radical change in an entrenched system with established power structures and vested interests etc?” -Jannah Patchay

The Bigger Pie is partnering with Skyndikat Earth.

Together we believe…

In the power of ventures to change the world. Technologies like Blockchain, AI, IoT, XR, human enhancement, biotech, wearables, and neurotech, provide the toolkit for a new collective existence.

Our emerging world is aligned with the wider interests of the planet and humanity. Building a decentralised global community of visionaries, investors, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders, to develop, select, and support the next generation of enterprise.

We’re providing mechanisms for venture selection and development. Delivered through online events, hackathons, and physical hubs in key start-up cities. All are conducted in partnership with the community, enterprise, and academic partners.

And we’d like you to join us….

1Society – The Event, starts May 23rd

We’re gathering the brightest minds and most progressive voices from industry, technology, governance, health, and wider society together for an event to create collective intelligence. To give birth to pathways that can take us beyond the great social and economic challenges of our time.

Composed of the main conference, a hackathon, and the opportunity for tailored training and development, 1Society will provide ample opportunities for participants to learn, contribute, build, and co-create new ventures. To forge new partnerships, new ventures, and new ways of thinking that create a brighter future.

This one-week online event will mark a first in decentral and community-driven ideation and acceleration of solutions with real-world impact.


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