The Bigger Pie & DataTjej

The Bigger Pie (TBP) has grown its global community of women and gender minorities in blockchain/Web 3 since 2019. Led by founder Bridget Greenwood, TBP offers a number of initiatives to support, attract and ensure we retain exceptional women in blockchain and Web 3.

We’re a highly active community with women in C-Suite positions, all generous with sharing their knowledge, contacts and resources to lift everyone up.

DataTjej work together to promote, inspire and unite girls and non-binary who are interested in IT and data. By hosting events, having fun initiatives on their social media and working together with companies to educate females and non-binary on what the industry can offer.

They do a little of everything but they also like collaborating with other organisations. Their network consists of about 3400 members in Sweden and The Bigger Pie joined forces to host an introduction to Web 3 event.

Session 1: Blockchain 101

This panel discusses the basics of blockchain and it’s progression from Bitcoin, to Ethereum, D’Apps, the rise of DeFi to NFT and how you can begin to get involved/make your first purchase

Speakers: Genevieve Leveille Naomi Oba Chloë Diamond Moderator: Bridget Greenwood

Session 2 – DeFi – Financial elements of blockchain

This panel delves deeper into the De-Fi side of Web 3 with high-level overviews of the projects that are interesting from different

Speakers: Sekayi Mutambirwa Mona Tiesler Maria Phillips Moderator: Bridget Greenwood

Session 3 – The Metaverse, NFT & Gaming

A deeper dive into NFTs, Gaming and the Metaverse, hear from those building in the space and learn about the challenges and opportunities that abound

Speakers: Zara Zamani An Coppens Myrtle Ann Ramos Moderator: Sammi Wei