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Championing Women & Gender Minorities in

Web 3 through education, mentorship and networking

Web 3 business wins in the areas of Vision, Culture, and Profitability when more women take founder, C-suite, and board-level roles. 

The Bigger Pie Community came to be in 2019 to champion Women in (and moving into) Web 3 with the technical expertise, leadership skills, and network they need to shape and impact the Web 3 world. 

Founded by Bridget Greenwood, The Bigger Pie has been busy creating business opportunities, collaborations, and new revenue for its members and Web 3 partners, and 3 years in, we sense we are only getting started. 

The Bigger Pie at a glance: 

1. 985 women on track to up skill for a Web 3 world

2. 146+ events 

3. 100+ strategic partnerships with Women centric communities 

4. 85 world-class mentors & advisors

6. 40+ stories in the press


7.. 8 Partnerships with Blockchain Engineering Education Programs


8. 1 ambitious 3-yr roadmap 


The Bigger Pie

IMPACT (2).png
3Year Roadmap
Image by Greg Rakozy

Blockchain technology has the potential to change the nature of the systems that lie beneath the things we do every day and could be the greatest driver of value creation in our lifetime.



Bridget Greenwood

Championing Women in Web 3

Bridget is the founder of The Bigger Pie, an award-winning organisation focused on supporting women in blockchain and emerging tech. As women represent less than 10% of those involved in this sector we focus our efforts on supporting the incredibly talented and pioneering #womeninblockchain. 

Bridget is a firm believer of having more women involved with the design, development and deployment and decommissioning of tech solutions.

Bridget has worked with different actors in the blockchain economy since 2017, both retail facing and servicing institutional clients, gaining an insight into the market place, challenges, pitfalls, regulation and breadth of projects and businesses in this rapidly evolving space.

She is also co-founder with Dr Amber Ghaddar at The 200Bn Club, an accelerator programme to help female led start ups match successfully with investors.

Ethical Finance Awards Winner 

Crypto Currency Diversity & Inclusion Organisation of the Year 2022

LinkedIn  Twitter

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"Being part of The Bigger Pie network has only, and only, been amazing. I might not know everyone one who is there but I feel confident and comfortable enough with all of them. I have been pushed to further develop my skills, I have been supported and educated, I have been invited to valuable events and partnership opportunities, I have been approached when I could contribute and help and I have been supported 100% when I needed help."

Zara Zamani, Chief Solutions Office at ChromaWay

Image by ᴊᴀᴄʜʏᴍ ᴍɪᴄʜᴀʟ

The Bigger Pie
is strategically placed to create
win-win partnerships with Web3 firms

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