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investing in your commercial efforts while you invest in our community efforts, is just good business


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Recruitment & Culture 

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Brand Equity

Brand: Recognition & Loyalty

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Data & Insights

Research & Decision Making

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Lead Gen

Marketing Support

12 for 12k 

Our 12 months for 12,000 Partnership Program is hand made for Web3 Firms who want their community investment to come with an ROI


12 months of unlimited job posts published on our website and promoted across our network.

Community Engagement

Co-host a Women in Web3 IRL event with us. We will help you promote it, fiil it, focus its agenda, and raise awareness of it the day after.

Brand Equity

Take your place as a partner of The Bigger Pie across all of our Media Channels for 12 months, feature your partnership with us, on your media platforms.

Personal Introductions

We'll ensure you get x3 high quality personal intros at a minimum from our 12 months together.

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According to LinkedIn, Blockchain is the number 1 hard skill companies need most right now; founders & CEOs spend up to 35% of their time recruiting

The Global Blockchain Report


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