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Image by Benjamin Voros

Web3 Landscape

The market cap for crypto passed $2.5 trillion in Nov 2021.


Web3 is exploding. This next iteration of the web is built upon the core concepts of decentralization, openness, and greater user utility. Web 3 has created a huge market demand for skilled people who can build, communicate and navigate in this space.


Founded in 2019, The Bigger Pie is committed to up-skilling exceptional female talent to fill this demand through its unique programs:

  1. Zero to CTO

  2. Zero to CMO

  3. Women in Web3 Directory,

  4. Women on Boards program

  5. DEIB Playbook for Web3

  6. Founder programme


This addresses two core problem areas:

1) The lack of talent, especially engineers, in Web3

2) The lack of women in senior roles in Web3

Our Vision:

Gender Equity in Web3

Our Mission:

Enable Web3 firms to build with gender inclusion from the start

Image by Inkredo Designer

"The challenge hiring in Web3 is similar to what I encountered in the 90s working at Netscape. It’s not like there was a computer science degree in internet protocols you could take in the 90s, so you needed to look beyond a tick-the-boxes approach to find talent."


Karen Chang

VP of Engineering

Stellar. Development Foundation

The Situation:

Incredible Demand

There is an incredible demand around the world for talent in the blockchain/Web3 space.

Women are less than 15% 

Women comprise < 15% of the Web3 workforce. They are missing out on building wealth through up-skilling leading to an annual deficit of wealth to the community estimated at $6.48Bn*

Incredible Gap

There is a massive skills gap , most notably skilled blockchain engineers and CTOs to build in this space

Demand Increased by 3300%

In 2020 demand for ‘Blockchain developer’ increased by 3300%. Developer roles make up 31% of all roles in blockchain.



Our sponsored programs focus on developing blockchain engineers and marketing skills globally. This tackles the largest demand, in the highest paying roles.

Image by Adam Winger


Provide an ecosystem, network, and continuous support for trainers, trainees, and candidates to thrive in their careers

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions


Connect businesses and graduates from the training programmes for internships and full time roles. Deliver a playbook for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) for Web3.

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