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The Bigger Pie launched the Women in Web 3 Champion program to recognise Web3 firms, Web3 media and Web3 communities advocating for diversity & inclusion and gender equity.


  1. Women represent less than 15% of Web3 workforce. The tipping point is 30%

  2. Women are missing out on building Web3 wealth, an annual deficit of wealth to the community estimated at $6.48Bn*

  3. In 2020 demand for ‘Blockchain developers’ increased by 3300%

  4. Female led startups raise less than half the funding of those founded by men and generate more than twice the revenues

  5. The commercial value of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) is still not fully understood.

It’s well known that firms with greater gender diversity among senior leadership perform better. But what’s less clear is why.

What are the specific mechanisms that drive the positive business outcomes associated with increasing the number of women in the C-suite? In this piece, the authors share new research that explores exactly how the addition of female executives shifts companies’ strategic approach to innovation. 

Based on an analysis of more than 150 companies, the authors find that after women join the top management team, firms become more open to change and less open to risk, and they tend to shift from an M&A-focused strategy to more investment into internal R&D.


In other words, when women join the C-suite, they don’t just bring new perspectives — they actually shift how the C-suite thinks about innovation, ultimately enabling these firms to consider a wider variety of strategies for creating value.

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Women in Web3 Champion - Overview


It's a Badge

The Women in Web3 Champion Badge is made available to Web3 Firms to add to their brand owned materials, while we add them to ours


It's a Spotlight

On the education required to support Women in Web3 effectively: including; commercially viable D&I, culture, gender equity, best practices, programs and upskilling


It's a Vision

To support organisations to design & build gender equity from the start through; community support, education collaboration and networking

For more information, and to join the Women in Web3 Champion Program

email to schedule a 30-minute discovery call

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