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You can't be what you can't see. Its vital women are given more visibility, not just at conferences but in the media too.

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2022 Launch

Building a directory of Women in Web 3

This visibility creates two powerful benefits: 

1. Role models for other women 

2. Counters the unconscious bias that pervades globally by normalising the idea of women in senior positions

Event Organisers: Working with event organisers to have more women speaking on panels and keynotes, get more women attending events, and create safe networking spaces for women. Deliver Public Speaking Masterclasses.

Media & Press: Connecting journalists and podcasters to female blockchain experts. With CoinTelegraph Deliver media training for women at senior levels to effectively & confidently engage with the media.

Mentor Matching:  All members have access to both receive and offer mentorship and be intelligently matched from the directory. 

Women on Boards: In order to see gender equity in Web 3, it's important we expand the pool from which advisors and board members are selected to include women. The directory can be a source to find great advisors/board members for Web 3 start-ups and organisations.

Women in Web 3 Events

As well as working with event organisers to make sure we have keynote speakers and panelists with female experts. It’s also important for women to have a physical space, particularly at large events, where they can meet and network with other women.


The side event at Paris Blockchain Week Summit was a great example of having a space to informally network and arrange meetings, 1-2-1 and groups.


To be able to add a few talks//panels and a pitch competition for female led startups to this type of event would really bring in value to Women in Web 3 looking to learn, connect, invest, and progress. The startups could go through an accelerated program from The200BnClub to get them pitch ready at each event.


These events are also a great opportunity to highlight the programs available for Women in Web 3.


We can work collaboratively to hold these events, bring in Crypto VCs and of course spread the word for attendees.

Propose The Bigger Pie, Decentral and NEAR Women in Web 3 events


At Consensus, Austin, June 2022

At Zebu Live, London, Sept 2022


Budget subject to location

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