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You're in very good company

Brilliant women, invested in your success, with opportunities for you to learn, teach, lead, share and collaborate inside blockchain and web 3 in the UK and now around the world. 

Welcome to The Bigger Pie - this section is to ensure you're fully aware of all we offer, and are plugging into all that's available.  

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Creating a Win-Win

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We are asking all of our Women in

The Bigger Pie to complete this online form to properly introduce yourself so we are in the best possible position to connect and support you.

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We have six Telegram Groups: You're invited to join one or all of them:

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There's more...

We have a wealth of insights that we share freely on a range of topics: 

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Finally, we are in a few places online

Connect with us here to increase our social proof, stay in touch, and maybe even see yourself featured on our stream sometime soon.

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