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Crypto & Digital Assets For Good – The ESG Agenda

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

In April 2021 the cryptocurrency market topped $2trn in value for the first time. In July 2020 the ESG global market assets value was $40.5trn.

Up to $4.5trn per year needs to be mobilised to achieve Agenda 2030 & the UN 17 SDGs & their 163 targets.

How are blockchain & crypto innovations & investments being applied to address the global movement to address climate change?

“Last week, there was great excitement around the public launch of Coinbase, which holds digital assets for 50 million retail customers and operate in the largest digital coin exchange in the US.

This is the largest in a long line of examples of how Bitcoin and other digital assets are moving from the fringes to the main stage. This Coinbase stock-based debut rekindles memories of the web breakthrough. It is now a development that traditional institutions cannot move for the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem, the Coinbase listing legitimises as the industry in a new way.

The benefits of driving value creation for all stakeholders and helping to address the Paris accord 20, 30, and 2050 targets. The UN sustainable development goals in the context of ESG goes beyond good corporate citizenship. Tomorrow’s strongest performing investments and businesses are likely to be the twin transformers, companies and investors that find new value at the intersection of digital technologies and sustainability part by the two engines of growth, they are two and a half times more likely to over-perform their peers.” – Professor Joyce O’Connor

The panel were asked:

  • How has the rise & fall & fall & rise of crypto, digital assets, NFTs, Stablecoins, CBDCs shaped your business, investing behaviours & indeed your outlook for this new vehicle of the monetary system?

  • What is your opinion on crypto etc vs the existing monetary system? Energy consumption Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake etc, P2P vs centralised, financial inclusion etc Should crypto replace or enhance the existing monetary system?

  • How are Bitcoin, Crypto, Stablecoins, CBDC, NFTs, Asset Tokenisation etc being used to address Paris Accord 2030 & 2050 targets & the UN SDGs & in the ESG context?


Catch the recording of BlockW & The Bigger Pie’s first partnership event exploring Crypto, Digital Assets, Asset Tokenisation, CBDC’s, NFT’s & Stablecoin blockchain application to the ESG & SDG agendas here >>


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