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NB3 and The Bigger Pie partner to support Women in Web3

NB3, a #NextGen Business Growth Practice for TradFi, DeFi and FinTech firms, has partnered with The Bigger Pie, an internationally networked community founded by Bridget Greenwood, as a Women in Web 3 Champion to add a spotlight on the inherent value that comes from having greater levels of gender equity in the workplace made possible by education and collaboration across a web3 ecosystem.

The landscape today suggests more needs to be done.

  1. Women represent less than 15% of the Web3 workforce. The tipping point is 30%

  2. Women are missing out on building Web3 wealth, an annual deficit of wealth to the community estimated at $6.48Bn*

  3. In 2020 demand for ‘Blockchain developers’ increased by 3300%

  4. Female led startups raise less than half the funding of those founded by men and generate more than twice the revenues

  5. The commercial value of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) is still not fully understood.

Through this initiative, Women in Web3 Champions will support the promotion of education that demonstrates how Gender Equity and Diversity & Inclusion facilitates greater levels of sustainable innovation, enables increased levels of productivity and drives profitability.

As a result of this program, Women in Web 3 Champions will benefit from meaningful introductions among like minded Women in Web 3 Champion organisations, to advance innovation, people and profit across the Web 3 collective.

Bridget Greenwood, founder of The Bigger Pie says:

“Together we transform, innovate and design a Web3 world worthy of our children’s children. NB3 is an important addition to our program. I am thrilled to have their support and look forward to collaborating with NB3 across our Web3 ecosystem.”

For more information about The Bigger Pie’s Women in Web3 Champion program, email


Selected organisations advocating for gender equity and diversity & inclusion are awarded a co-branded Women in Web3 Champion badge for use on their brand owned media.They are featured as a partner across The Bigger Pie media; are invited to enjoy a complimentary premier listing in an ecosystem created and managed by a collective of Web3 organisations of which The Bigger Pie is a founding member, World of Blockchain.Women in Web3 Champions are invited to select a member of staff to join Bridget Greenwood as co-host of 1 or more episodes of our Women in Web3 education series inside 2023.

ABOUT WORLD OF BLOCKCHAIN, (a web3 ecosystem)

The World of Blockchain offers a platform for communities, industry bodies, firms and individuals involved in blockchain and Web 3 to connect, collaborate and communicate their wares.

Founded by a dozen Web3 organisations around the world, we offer the first transnational platform specifically designed to promote the commercial activities of our members.

Our intention is to foster the involvement of all Web 3 communities, industry bodies, firms, and professions (technology, legal, financial, regulatory, academic,..). Learn more by downloading our Introduction to the World of Blockchain here >



NB3 is a #NextGen Business Growth practice for Traditional Finance, Decentralized Finance and FinTechs. We leverage an ecosystem of media partners, communities and industry experts inside an NB3 methodology to shorten sales cycles and increase revenue.



The Bigger Pie, an internationally networked community championing Women & Gender Minorities in Web 3 through education, mentorship and networking. See our 3 year roadmap here >

Source: The Bigger Pie

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