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New Grant For Women In Blockchain

There is a significant gender divide in the blockchain industry. Many jobs in the space incorporate both finance and technology, two historically male-dominated fields. This has resulted in women representing only 10-30% of the blockchain industry.

Both The Bigger Pie and Sperax are committed to see this representation increase so we’ve got together to help spread the word about the new LIFTED grant program offering quarterly grants of upto $15,000.

Sperax are launching their LIFTED Grant Program – and we held an AMA to allow those interested to speak directly to the team to discover more and Ask them Anything. We asked about how it works, what types of proposals they’re looking for. Who it’s right for. Which grant phase fits your project best, etc. You can catch the recording here.

LIFTED Criteria

To be considered, applicants must submit a strategic proposal that outlines what they will establish or create with the grant they are awarded. This can be a development project, research initiative, business proposal, animation and more.

There will be a new grant each quarter. For the first grant Sperax, is partnering with Polyient Games, the decentralised ecosystem connecting gaming universes and their assets, to offer grants of up to $15,000 USD to women-led projects in the blockchain space as part of the Sperax operated LIFTED Grant Series.

Polyient Games and Sperax will provide technical and business support to the chosen grantee, providing a unique opportunity for the winning individual or team to work with some of the most well connected leaders in the blockchain gaming ecosystem. Special consideration will be given to teams that propose educational content or technical proposals to improve the user experience and functionality of Polyient Games beach head product: Ape In Finance.

Every calendar quarter, grants will be distributed to talented women working in blockchain. Phase one will run from now until March 16th, 2021, under the theme of DeFi (decentralised finance). Please submit your application here.

Phase I Important Dates

Step 1: Apply between February 8 and March 19, 2021

Step 2: Interview with Sperax team within the week of March 22

Step 3: If selected, receive notification of the award by March 26

Step 4: This begins the process of refining the project, if needed, with the Sperax team and identifying project funding milestones

Step 5: Time for the project and fun to begin! You will be advised and mentored by the Sperax team and partners during your time working on the project

Phase Topics

The Sperax LIFTED Grant Initiative will be divided into four phases. While the overall program will focus on supporting the talented women that work in blockchain, each quarter will see new topics that the grants will facilitate, creating more opportunities for exciting projects to be realised. Applicants are welcomed to apply for multiple phases. **Phases are currently broad by design to welcome tailoring from co-host

Get LIFTED by Sperax!

Applicants: Applications for Phase I open February 8, 2020 on

– Partners: If you are passionate about promoting a more diverse blockchain industry, reach out to or or refer to this document for partner tiers, benefits and time commitments.

Best Practices for a Stronger Application

Are you interested in applying for a grant? If so, here are some best practices that will help you create an all-star application:

  • Details, Details, Details – The more detailed the application, the better. The Decision Committee is looking for relevant information about projects in their assessment process and the more supporting evidence of a project’s viability, the better.

  • What about the money? – We recommend mapping out how your funds will be allocated. Having a clear idea of what you will spend grant funds on is an important part of the assessment process.

  • Ask for help! – Friends and folks not directly involved in the project are some of the best people to reach out to for help. Ask an outside party to look over your application. It never hurts to have a second pair of eyes spot broken links. Aside from broken links, make sure you double check your application for spelling mistakes, or any details that may need more clarity.

  • This is NOT a VC program – Sperax LIFTED is a grants program, not a VC. We are not exactly looking to fund things solely to scale a business. We want to fund grassroots projects that benefit the Sperax community and overall DeFi ecosystem.

LIFTED Alumni Network

Benefits don’t stop after you complete your milestones or phase. Women who participate in LIFTED are formally invited to The Bigger Pie. This club is a thriving and active community whose members share their experience and learn from each other. Alongside Bigger Pie events, there is a programme of wider events sourced from our members, often with VIP access. Members in this group have the tools and connections to transform their existing business and to build new businesses right the first time, with diversity and inclusion at the very start.

  • LIFTED Partner companies

  • LIFTED Cohort

  • LIFTED Alumni

  • The Bigger Pie Community

  • Sperax Team Members


Are all of the phases the same?

No, each phase is unique and has different applicant criteria and objectives.

Can I apply for grants from multiple phases?

You can only participate in one phase at a time. If you or your team has received money from phase one, your team must complete all milestones before applying for an additional phase.

What happens once my application is submitted?

Once your team has applied, you will receive a confirmation email. We will reach out to schedule an interview after your application is reviewed.

How many steps are there in the process?

There are three steps to evaluating applications. After applying, potential candidates will move through three evaluation stages: Sperax scoring, community poll and Sperax LIFTED Committee interview. Applicants will be notified if they have moved on from one round to the next, with the final decision being made after all of the candidates’ Sperax LIFTED Committee interviews.

How long is the grants process once we apply?

The process is typically two weeks from application deadline to award.

We are a private business, can we apply?

Yes, private businesses are welcome to apply.

We are a team of individuals, not a business entity, can we still apply? Yes.

Our team plans to launch a token sale, is it eligible for a grant?


Can I edit my application after submission?

Typically, no. If you have submitted an application and would like to change or update any information, please email or

If anyone would like to volunteer to mentor they are still seeking volunteers for the following:

1) Blockchain architecture

2) Business – Marketing/go-to-market

3) Design – UI/UX

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