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The Bigger Pie Mastermind

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to talk about something from work or business and just didn’t know where to get the best advice to get through it?

You could be dealing with a difficult boss and don’t know how to navigate it. Maybe there’s a tough decision you need to make with a new hire or investment and you have no idea how to tackle it and from which angle.

Or maybe you have big goals that seem really far ahead, and you need help taking the next step or just putting together a plan.

More often than not, there are others who have been there, done that (or are also going through that), and want to help you through it too!

That’s where The Bigger Pie MasterMind comes in.

We’ve put together a program that allows women to speak freely about their

experiences, challenges, and goals in a way that’s structured enough to help them reach the best solution, efficiently, together.


Why join a mastermind?

You can apply here.

  • You will come across ideas and solutions that you would not have found by yourself

  • You will be able to learn from others' skills and experiences and expand your own knowledge

  • You will be much more committed to your goals as you openly share them with your peers

  • You will have a small network of people who are always willing to help you

  • Through daily interaction, your overall attitude can be influenced in a positive way

  • Unique opportunity to form deeper connections with a peer network of change-makers to learn and grow together.

  • Share ideas, business contacts and more

  • Guidance, structure, and accountability to accelerate your success – challenging each other to reach the highest levels of success

  • Celebrate your successes and understand your failures – and always encourage you to get back up again

  • Exclusive access to a peer network of change-makers to learn and grow together.

  • Guidance, structure, and accountability to accelerate your success.

What’s included in The Bigger Pie Mastermind:

  • Group Mastermind calls every 2 weeks

    • 10 people max

    • 1.5 hours each to fit into your business schedule

    • We keep the calls regular to keep the momentum

    • As required we aim to bring experts in specific areas into the calls to advise

  • Accountability buddy pairings to help accelerate your success.

  • Personalised recommendations and advice based on your needs.

  • Personalised introductions to people in our network that will be able to help you.

  • Spotlight feature – promotion of you or your business to our network.

  • VIP access

    • First to hear about any of The Bigger Pie opportunities e.g. speaker/panel opportunities

    • Access to resources, videos, and articles tailored to the Mastermind

  • Private chat channel for Mastermind participants.

  • Support to map out your own personal ambitions and group personalised feedback on how to accelerate your success.

  • Have a hot seat to troubleshoot the particular challenge

  • Allow ad-hoc hot seats throughout, not just at the Mastermind meetings

  • Spotlight 2 places per mastermind meeting

  • Deeper/more/structured engagement

  • Safe space

  • Peer Guidance

Our Approach:

The perfect blend of expert tailored advice, a supportive network, and a playbook to guide you to success.

Benefit from:

  • Regular interactive check-in workshops

  • Implementation support with practical tips and guidance to get tangible results

  • Online shared space to interact between sessions

  • A sense of community, a safe space to share, and the unique support of a like-minded peer network

  • A unique opportunity to refine your personal and business narratives to drive your future success

  • Personalised coaching on your unique situation.

  • All sign a pledge and code of conduct to adhere to

  • Chatham House Rules

  • Actions and follow-ons with recording and transcription

  • Led by Bridget Greenwood


Starting Feb 2022. This Mastermind will run for 180 Days.

Making it work

Are you the right fit?

We want to make sure you are committed, will put the work in, and will share similar challenges with other participants to be able to get the best value from the group for you and for the Mastermind members.

Please apply to join the Mastermind here, we will be limiting seats to 10 members.


Apply now for just £249 per month for 6 months


Pay upfront and save £94, a total of £1,400

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