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Announcing 3 More VCs For Getting Female Founders Funded

Pitch Your Business in Front of these Investors

We’re thrilled to confirm 3 more VCs for our event Getting Female Founders Funded on March 6th in London, honouring International Women’s Day.

As we support women in tech we’re constantly having conversations about how we can best provide support to see women succeed. Getting access to real investors, to investors open to female founders is always high on the list of requirements.

When we see posts like this:

We hear about all these fantastic female-focused VCs and funds. They all have an amazing mission. Their teams are successful female entrepreneurs, operators, and investors. They all raised money for their fund recently. And, they focus on helping female founders, underrepresented founders, and minorities. So far, amazing. As a society, we have come along way. But, here’s the twists. It’s so hard to talk or get any attention from the above-said pioneers of female founder supporters. There is no way to speak to them. Believe me. I’ve tried. Email via their website, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. It’s as if we are again faced with the same old ways of VCs. “Get a warm intro,” be an ex-Googler, Facebooker, etc. or be connected to Silicon Valley elite to get a response.

Then we want to do something about it.

Do any of these match you?

  • You’re a founder who is passionate and has good communication skills and you’re looking for £50-200k

  • Your core business activity addresses one of the twin challenges of climate change or resource scarcity and you’re pre-seed looking for £75k-150k

  • You’re post-product, post-revenue, looking for funding provided for 18-month runway

  • You’re pre-seed/pre-revenue looking for £500k-£5m (UK based)

  • You’re seed looking for €500k – 3m size.

  • You’re enterprise and consumer focused, investing in areas where Europe has an advantage, including financial services, industry 4.0, food tech, gaming, music and fashion.

  • You’re equity pre-seed, with a strong tech team, and have something unique for market

  • You’re looking to funds through debt rather than equity and you’re looking for purchase order based lending for any company

  • You’re Seed to series A, revenue generative in Advertising technology | Media technology | Big data | AI | Automation (Uk based)

  • You’re Pre Series A/Series A, Deeptech | Sustainability, with a diverse founding team

  • You’re Pre Seed looking for £20k-£50k ticket sizes

  • You’re Seed/Series A looking for £500k – £2M

  • You’re not ready for funding yet, but you will be in the future and want to start networking and learning now

Then book your place now to meet:

  • Susannah McClintock from Sustainable Ventures

  • Bill Morrow from Angel’s Den

  • Abi Mohamed at CGV and Scout for Backed VC

  • Arunkumar Krishnakuma from Green Shores Capital

  • Yao Huang from The Hatchery

  • Tiffany Young from Pentech

  • Nicole Lai from Atomico

  • Tazz Gault from Invest Well

  • Devina Paul from Galvanise Capital

  • Sara Simeone from Digital Oracles

  • Kevin O’Mellean from Akasha Innovation Hub

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