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Covid-19 Government Support

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

We’re here to help you get through this coronavirus disruption

My accountant Will Farnell, who understands entrepreneurship, small business needs, challenges and opportunities and is always proactive, has kindly agreed to jump onto a Zoom and share his knowledge and insights with the latest information regarding govt support for COVID-19.

We have arranged the webinar to ensure that he can share what he knows about government support available and to let you know what he’s personally doing to lobby government to ensure that all areas of the business community get the support they need. As a team his company are committed to doing all they can to ensure they guide their clients through the challenging weeks we all have ahead of us. He has kindly extended this to The Bigger Pie community.

So please get your questions ready – email them to me, at in advance and I can forward them to Will, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask on the call.

Please invite others that you know will benefit from this Zoom call – at this time we’re happy to extend the invitation to anyone who is unsure what the govt is doing to support them. Pre revenue start ups, Directors of their own business that aren’t PAYE and not classed as Self-Employed, and the myriad of people seemingly caught in no mans land when it comes to support.


Enjoy the replay here:

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